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Nietgegund Wines


Governer Simon van der Stel founded Stellenbosch which means “Van der Stel’s forest”.

The fertile ground around the rivers attracted many settlers to start farming.


It was found that the area where Nietgegund is situated today was best suited for vines because of the cool breeze from False Bay, and vineyards were planted in the area of today’s Blaauwklippen Road and neighboring areas.

Amongst those farms was Rustenburg.


A portion of Rustenburg farm is transferred to Hermanus Johannes van Brakel. It was called Nietgegund and became part of the Stellenkloof area. More vines were planted.


Van Brakel erected unique brandy stills and a unique lime kiln. Good quality brandy was produced.


Good quality grappa also distilled on the farm.


No more records of brandy and grappa production after Van Brakel’s death. The farm changed hands several times since then.


The area in which Nietgegund is situated became known as the Golden Triangle, because of the good wines produced in the area.


Jan and Jeanine Dreyer became the owners of Nietgegund. Vines were again planted.


The first wine was produced at Nietgegund under the Pro Amico label.


Nietgegund wine awarded 4 stars in the Platter’s guide.


Nietgegund wine awarded a Silver medal at the Old Mutual Wine Awards.


Wine now bottled under the Nietgegund label.


Authentic limoncello produced at Nietgegund.


Wine tasting centre opened.

Our Story

Nietgegund is an old Dutch name meaning “not given”. It refers to most farms in the early days of the Cape and Stellenbosch area that were given to settlers to farm on, whereas the original owner of Nietgegund had to pay for it. 

Stellenbosch has a rich history in wine and it all started in 1659 when Jan van Riebeek established Groot Constantia where the first wines were produced.

The Dutch who established a half way station at the Cape for ships en route from Europe to the East, were always looking for fertile soil to grow fruit, vegetables and wines. It was because of this that they ventured further away from the Castle and the Cape of Good Hope and their first find away from the Cape was Stellenbosch.

In 1679 Simon van der Stel founded Stellenbosch on the banks of the Eerste River. Nestled between mountains next to a river with a cool breeze from the sea, made it a perfect place to establish a settlement and soon farms were cordoned off.

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